Design Elements

On this page you can explore design elements, some of which might suit your website.

The important thing to keep in mind is what you need to achieve with your website. Not how many fancy elements you can put on it!!

Google Map

If the physical location of your business needs to be found a Google map embedded in your site makes it easy for customers to find you! 

Phone me!

call now button

If an important function of your website is to encourage people to phone you then a Call Now button is what you need.

The button will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen if your site is being viewed on a mobile phone. It will not appear when viewed on a desktop or laptop.

This makes it simple for your potential customer to phone you!

You can see one on this site if you view on a mobile!

It’s Good to Share

Social Media plays an increasing role for business today.  Social Share buttons make it easy for visitors to your site to share your content on social media.


If you use Social Media to promote your business you can also link directly to your Facebook page or even show your Twitter Feed on your site. 


Accordions are an excellent way of answering frequently asked questions about your product or service. Try ours!

You’re looking at one!

Only if you want to stay in business!

A good website would better be described as an important asset! 

Not if you know who to go to!

You’re in the right place!


Demonstration or Explainer Video are an excellent way to show your products!

Add Soundcloud

Jazz up your site!

A great way to promote for anyone in the Music Industry!


Icons are effective visual aids, especially where there could be language difficulties.


There’s something about a button that just cries out to be clicked!

Buttons can be any colour and can link to any webpage, on or off your site.

Animated Text

This week's Special Offer!

Animated text can be effective but annoying if used too much!

Image slider

Image sliders can greatly enhance your site. They can be any size up to full screen and are a great way to show off products or examples of your work.